Apple Gooseberry Jam – Healthy Jam

A fruity delight that smoothly spreads on the toasted bread. This apple gooseberry jam is easy to make and preservative free.

Apple Gooseberry Jam is a healthy combination of apple and gooseberry. Gooseberry which is also known as Amla. It’s a potent source of Vitamin C and also contains iron and calcium.

Pectin is a naturally occurring substance that makes jellies gel and gives jams their spread consistency. Apples contain a particularly high amount of pectin which helps jam to set. Apple pectin is available in the skin and pulp of fresh apples.

I also added one small beetroot for giving perfect red color and this makes jam even more healthy.

Apple Gooseberry Jam

Ingredients :

Apple – 4 small
Gooseberry – 6
Beetroot – 1 small
Sugar – 1 & 1/2 cup
Water – 1 & 1/2 cup
Juice of half lemon


  1. Chop apple (with skin), gooseberry, beetroot. Put in a deep non-stick saucepan with 1 & 1/2 cup of water. Cook, it covered for 10 minutes on medium-high flame.
  2. Switch off the flame and allow to cool down completely.
  3. Put boiled apple, gooseberry, and beetroot into a grinder. Now make a smooth puree. It yields 2 & 1/2 cup of puree.
  4. Now add sugar and cook on medium-low flame for 10 minutes. Once jam starts to thickens switch off the flame.
  5. Allow jam to cool down and then add lemon juice and mix well.
Healthy Jam

Tips :

  • Lift jam with a spatula and pour jam, it should flow together and not in drops.
  • Pour few drops of prepared jam on a plate if it spreads then it’s not ready if it stays firm without moving then the jam is ready.
  • Allow to cool and store in a clean and dry glass jar.
  • Keep jam in the refrigerator after every use. Use a clean and dry spoon. It last long for 3 months.
Healthy Breakfast Spread

Author: rupalikarki

My name is Rupali and I grew up in Chandigarh, one of the most beautiful cities in India. Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab, a state which is famous for cuisine high in butter. Currently, I live in Indirapuram, GZD which is a city near New Delhi, the capital of India. Reyansh my naughty kid and Manoj my fitness freak husband inspires me to cook/bake healthy and experiment with food. This is how my passion for cooking started.

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