Tuesday Tips

How to cut Pepper or Capsicum?

Kadhai paneer, paneer tikka or sweet corn capsicum. Capsicum is mostly used in our Indian cooking.
But sometimes visual presentation of foods is often neglected.
Does presentation and appearance matters ???
YES ! It totally matters! Presentation and appearance change the way how you feel about the food and whether or not it is appealing or appetizing.
If you cut your vegetables in perfect shape your dish look as same as it is served in hotels.


How to cut Pepper or Capsicum?

1. Cut off both ends of the pepper.


2. Reserve the trimmed ends. The pepper will now be shaped like a cylinder. Set the pepper on one end and, with the tip of your knife, make one vertical slice to open the cylinder.


3. Cut down one side and slide the knife along the inside of the pepper.


4. Now capsicum seeds and skin are separated.


5. Cut into half and shape them into cubes, strips or chopped.


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