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How to make perfect Rectangular Shape Butter at home?

All About Homemade Butter

Being grew up in Chandigarh, I have many Punjabi friends. Whenever I visit their home we used to eat hot gobhi paratha with homemade white butter. My mom also makes this butter.

Homemade White Butter without any artificial colors or preservatives. Making butter at home is very easy and it tastes better than store one. You can have it with hot parathas or with simple warm toast.

How Make Homemade Butter or Makhan?

Today I  am sharing how to make rectangular shaped homemade butter just like we get it from the market. It not only looks good but also easy to store and mess free.

Perfect Rectangular Shape Butter At Home

Items Required:
Rectangular Aluminum Tin with lid
Cling film


Method :
Take rectangular aluminum mold. Rinse with water ( don’t dry it ). By raising mold with water helps cling film to set easily.


Now put all butter in a mold and level it with a spatula.


Cover with cling film from all the sides.

Put it into freeze for 2 hours (covered).


After 2 hours remove the cling film.


Perfect rectangular shape butter is ready. Slice it and serve with warm toast or paratha.


You can store white butter in a same rectangular tin with lid (You can store butter with cling film too). It stays fresh up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.


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