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Nuts Mixture – Healthy Snack

Healthy Snack – Nuts Mixture

The nuts mixture is a tasty and easy, healthy snack for tea time. Makhana is rich in calcium, protein, carbohydrates, phosphorous, iron, thiamine and zinc. Roasted makhana mix with other nuts and spices.


Mixture and Spices

Ingredients :

For Nuts Mixture:
Roasted Makhana – 2 cups
Roasted peanuts – 1 cup
Roasted black channa – 1/2 cup
Almonds sliced – 10
Raisins – 1/8 cup
Sliced Pistachios – 1/8 cup
Chopped roughly walnuts – 1/4 cup

Spices :
Roasted cumin powder – 1/2 tsp
Roasted fennel powder – 1/2 tsp
Oregano – 1/2 tsp
Black pepper powder  – 1/2 tsp
Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Amchur powder – 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste

Ghee – 1 tbsp + 1 tsp

Method :

  1. Take 1 tsp of ghee in a deep non-stick kadhai and roast almonds, pistachios and walnuts for 2 minutes. Keep aside.
  2. In the same kadhai heat, 1 tbsp of ghee and add all spices. Mix well and add ingredients mentioned under namkeen. Mix it well.
  3. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Take all mixture in a big thali or bowl and let it cool completely. Store in an airtight container.
  4. Healthy Snack is ready to eat.

Nuts Mixture

Tip :

* Dry roast makhana and peanuts in a nonstick kadhai separately.

* Roasted Black channa is ready-made.

* Adjust spices according to your taste.


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