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Leftover Chapati Nachos – Healthy Snack

Best Out Of Leftover Chapati – Crispy yummy Nachos made with leftover chapati or roti. Roti/Chapati is a staple in our diet. Quite a few times roties/chapati are left. With leftover roties/chapati, you can make sweet or savory treat within a few minutes. Today I am sharing healthy nachos recipe.

Yummy Nachos

Ingredients :
Leftover chapattis – 4
Ghee or butter – 3 tbsp

Seasoning :
Black salt
Chaat masala

Salt as per taste

Method :
Preheat sandwich toaster for 5 mins.
Apply little ghee on both the sides of chapati and cut into triangular shape like nachos.


Cut roti into half

Place all nachos shape chapati in the toaster and sprinkle seasoning on them.


Then cut into triangular shape like nachos.

Close the toaster and toast for 10 mins ( after 5 minutes flip them ).


Nachos are ready in minutes.

Enjoy yummy nachos with sauce or salsa or with tea.

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