Oats Capsicum Uttapam – Healthy Breakfast

Oats are loaded with dietary fiber and have a range of healthy cholesterol lowering properties. Oats Capsicum Uttapam is a perfect for an evening snack or even for Sunday breakfast.

Capsicum is low in calories and contains 0 grams of fat and a good supply vitamins and minerals. Their mildly sweet flavor makes green bell peppers versatile enough to include a wide variety of nutritious recipes.
They come in red and yellow color too.
Here is a good way to add three colors capsicum in one dish.


Tri-Color Capsicum

Oats Capsicum Uttapam

Ingredients :

For Uttapam:
Homemade Oats Flour – 1 cup
Rava – 1 cup
Sour curd – 1 cup
Water – 1 cup
Roasted cumin powder – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

Veggies :
Red, yellow, green capsicum finely chopped – 2 cups
Coriander leaves finely chopped
Green chilly finely chopped


Yummy Uttapam in making

Method :

  1. Mix all the uttapam ingredients and keep it aside for 1 hour or you can soak for 2 hours at night and keep it in the refrigerator.
  2. Now add capsicums, coriander and green chilly. Uttapam batter is ready.

Uttapam is ready to serve

3. Pour 2-3 drops of oil into the hot pan.
4. Take 3 tablespoon mixture and spread it on the pan making a round shape like uttapam. Cook uttapam on low flame (covered with a lid – it makes uttapam soft). Cook uttapam from both sides till light brown.

Serve Hot with chutney.


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